Custom Workout Plan

Our Custom workout plan is perfect for those with a fitness background.

If you know how to execute proper technique but need a personalized program to reach your goals.

Fill out our intake form and presto a beastly workout to get you there.

This custom workout will take you through 1 phase of training, lasting 4-6 weeks, depending on your athletic level.

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Virtual Training

If you have any doubts about your technique and ability to sustain the intensity required to press through your program, in order to finally be successful in your fitness goals… than this program is for you.

A custom program accompanied with video analysis to help educate you on proper technique and ensure your intensity is what it needs to be to see the physical changes you are aiming for.

As part of your virtual training, you’ll get exclusive access to out app, to give you a superior experience. Click here to check out our App!

Video Analysis

Do you have doubts on your technique and want some assistance ensuring that your lifts are done correctly, allowing you to lift safely and heavily.

Than this is the unique service for you.

Send us your recordings of your lifts and we will analysis your video and send you a reports on what your doing right and what needs to be corrected.

We also have simplified pre-made programs

If you know what your doing in the gym and just need something different to shake things up, then one of our of many successful programs would be just right for you.

Pick from a list of pre written progams.

Pick 12 programs for the price of 10, to take you through the next year of training.

If your in the industry and would like to have Trained by the Beast write your programs on your behalf, we do that too, contact us for more info

Next Steps…

Pick the packages that are right for you… training, nutrition and more, and lets get you started on the road to fitness success.